Angel Slayers

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There is no Heaven.
There is no Hell.
No God. No Satan.
Just the epic war between Angels and Demons that has been waging with few humans aware of the eternal battle.

Angels want to wipe the Earth clean of humanity to build their own paradise, the one fabled in the mythology of the Judeo-Christian faiths.
Demons want to be left alone.
However, demons are well aware that once humans are out of the picture, they will be next.

Teaming up with humans, demons have helped to build specialized task forces within each major nation's law enforcement agencies to track down and slay angels.
Unfortunate humans are marked, which will cause them to ascend as angels themselves after death.
Since powerful angels and demons can take on human disguises, their existence is a guarded secret, with just the various religions' own tellings of the history of the battles between angels and demons the only traces of the truth that they walk among humanity's ranks.

This webcomic will be available for free on this domain, and published with both English and Spanish pages.